In-Building solutions you can trust for mission-critical public safety radio communications.

Why Marconi?

Marconi manufactures and specializes in UL-listed FCC Approved, fully compliant Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA / DAS) / Emergency Radio Communications Enhancement Systems (ERCES / ERRC) and Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS).

Our systems are engineered to reduce complexity. Fully-supported integrated solutions satisfy project requirements with unsurpassed connectivity and performance.


We are the manufacturing experts in the design, engineering, and termination of Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS) in New York City and many large metropolitan cities in the United States for Bi-Directional (BDAEmergency Radio Responder Communication Systems (ERRCS).

Marconi Technologies has firmly established its foundation as a premier provider of In-Building Emergency Radio Communication Systems through a steadfast commitment to honesty, innovation, and unparalleled reliability. By adhering to the principles of transparency and integrity, Marconi Technologies has earned the trust of its clients and stakeholders.

The company’s ascent in the industry is underscored by a dedication to integrating the most advanced technologies into its solutions, ensuring that its In-Building Emergency Radio Communication systems stand at the forefront of technological excellence. Marconi Technologies sets itself apart by consistently delivering products that not only meet but exceed industry standards, reflecting a commitment to the highest levels of quality and dependability in emergency communication solutions.

Engineered solutions to fit YOUR needs

Unparalleled support and value-engineering

Powerful core system scales to every customer

Advanced technologies address changing regulations

UL-listed components; meets all fire and building codes

Proudly manufactured in the USA

The Auxiliary Radio Communication System (ARCS)

RC-108A VC-121N

What Is ARCS? Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS) are two-way emergency radio networks. These systems are installed in high-rise buildings for use by the fire department during an active emergency. The Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS) system is designed and operates to receive and transmit the NYC FDNY portable radio signals throughout the building – enabling their radio communication to operate without fail in the event of an emergency. The way our systems are designed is that it is fireproof, that even in the event of a power failure/outage and/or a disconnection of the telecommunication power, the Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS) will continue to operate and assist the Fire Department personnel to continue with their vital operations and keep up constant communication between each other. 

The Marconi BDA / ERCES System


Marconi Technologies proudly presents the MT-321N – Bi-Directional Amplification unit (BDA), a top-tier NEMA-4 rated cabinet that provides a secure home for all the essential components of our powerful BDA System.


Delve into a world of possibilities as this unit boasts a highly configurable .5 to 2-watt amplifier, a reliable power supply, long-lasting sealed lead acid batteries, and an advanced data acquisition and monitoring unit.


To ensure optimal performance, this impressive system requires a direct 110V 20A line and seamlessly connects to the Remote annunciator (CMD-1) using a single CAT 5 cable.


Explore the limitless potential of the Marconi BDA/ERCES System today.

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